The Grosvenor Place Redevelopment Project comprises of a 44 level, premium grade office tower with a basement parking that houses 554 car parking spaces. This iconic Australian Architectural masterpiece is a workplace for more than 5000 individuals and is located in the northern section of the City Core Precinct of the Sydney CBD.

Client  BUILT.
Contract Value  $270,000
Services  Design & Construct
Branch Sydney Region
Electrical Installation
Service & Maintenance
Communications & Data
Controlled Automation

STAR Group provided the electrical and communication services of the project, which entails services to the onsite meeting rooms, cafes and restaurants as well as the hotel style, end of trip facilities available such as showers, lockers and bicycle parking spaces.

STAR Group’s services provided on the project included:

  • Low voltage power systems including earthing, subcircuits and submains
  • Cable support systems
  • Lighting control systems, including C-Bus Modules and Programming
  • Lighting and emergency lighting systems and exit signs, including connection to the existing building NEXUS central monitoring and testing system certification
  • Interface with building monitoring system; and
  • Communications and data services.