The Chifley Tower Redevelopment project is perceived as one of the most advanced commercial sky-scrapers in Australia and houses a selection of Australia's most influential firms. Positioned in the heart of Sydney's financial services and legal district, Chifley tower covers over 80,000m2 of floor area.

Client  Reco Bathurst
Contract Value  $2 Million
Services  Design & Construct
Branch Sydney Region
Electrical Installation
Service & Maintenance
Communications & Data
Controlled Automation
Project Management

STAR Group provided the electrical services on the project, which involved services for the refurbishment works throughout the tower that allows the building to exude luxury and opulence, and services for Sydney's most exclusive retail arcade that includes over 30 retailers, a food court and cafes.

Star Group’s services provided on the project included:

  • Project Management
  • 120KVA High efficiency UPS system
  • Reconfigure existing 4 strings of UPS batteries
  • Wall mounted UPS Battery Main Switch
  • UPS input automatic transfer switch (ATS)
  • Submains and battery cabling
  • Reroute existing submains and battery cabling
  • UPS Control and monitoring cabling
  • Survey of existing lighting illuminance (LUX) levels
  • Light fittings
  • LED Light fittings and lighting installation
  • Removal and disposal of any hazardous materials
  • Drilling, tapping of the switchboard gland plates and sealing unused holes in the switchboards
  • UPS A & B Output automatic transfer switches
  • Cable ladders, cable trays, cable ducts, skirting ducts, conduits and flexible conduits
  • Fire rating
  • Waterproofing, airtight and acoustic sealing of penetrations for electrical services
  • Painting of electrical services
  • Repair, patching and painting of wall finishes
  • Cutting of holes in existing walls and floors
  • Re-labelling of installations
  • Site testing and commissioning

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