Sustainability, energy conservation and environmental awareness are embedded in our culture, our people, our practices and our achievements. 

Practical sustainability is integral to the entire broad spectrum of our work, from concept, design and construction, through to commissioning and ongoing operation.


We share, promote and advance the sustainability objectives of our partners and local communities in multifaceted projects, including diverse Green Star projects, through technologies and initiatives such as:

  • Membership of the Green Star Building Council of Australia
  • Early identification of environmental hazard, risk and wastage factors, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lighting design, lighting control to create daylight harvesting, and advanced occupancy sensor systems
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration systems
  • Future-proof, flexible and energy conserving high-voltage, low voltage, switchboard and switching systems
  • Future-focussed refits, refurbishments and repurposing of existing facilities
  • Energy-efficient data and communications centre engineering, which combines conservation with quality of service
  • Reliable, responsive and energy-efficient Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) systems, Audio-Visual systems and Security systems
  • Environmental and Sustainability training and awareness for our large number of apprentices (more than 100)
  • Advanced Environmental and Sustainability technology awareness for our senior and leadership staff, as part of our commitment to them, our customers and to the future

Star Group is committed to the sustainability of projects we work on. We work towards being trusted partners of the communities in which we undertake projects, seeking to positively affect our urban and reginal environments. Star Group strives to enhance the environment for our people and our communities, to meet the needs of their futures. Environmental, social and economic factors are a major priority to us, to ensure we contribute to the sustainable future operation of projects.