The Wollongong University Stage 2 development project involves the demolition of 14 existing buildings to make way for 3 new 7-8 storey buildings that accommodate 802 beds in a range of room sizes and configurations. 

Client  Hutchinson Builders
Contract Value  $6.3 Million
Services  Design & Construct
Branch Wollongong Region
Electrical Installation
Communications & Data
Controlled Automation
Project Management

STAR Group provided the electrical, communications and security services for this project which involved services to the 3 new apartment buildings, the common areas such as kitchens, dining areas, lounge, computer, study rooms and laundry rooms and site management facilities.

Star Group's services provided on the project included:

  • Low Voltage Mains
  • Main switchboard, distribution boards
  • Sub-main cabling reticulation
  • Lighting, light fittings and lighting protection systems
  • Power Supply
  • Communications Systems
  • MATV; and
  • Security Systems.