The Lismore Base Hospital Redevelopment project has provided improved access to and equity in the delivery of a wider range of services and additional capacity which addresses the rapid increase in the needs and demand of the local community through the construction of a new 4-storey and 12-storey hospital tower.

Client  John Holland
Contract Value  $6.5 Million
Services  Design & Construct
Branch Q-Star
Electrical Installation
High Voltage
Communications & Data
Controlled Automation
Project Management

Star Group provided the electrical, communications and high voltage services of the project, which involves services to refurbish the existing building and to accommodate new facilities. These facilities include a 100-seat auditorium, new and expanded patient wards, a new Women’s Care Unit, pediatric unit, operating suite with 9 operating theatres, medical imaging services, front entry facilities and helipad.

Star Group’s services provided on the project included:

  • Nurse call;
  • Lighting, light fittings, switching, protection and control systems
  • UPS;
  • Emergency Power Generator;
  • Communications Systems;
  • Submains and Distribution boards;
  • Circuit breakers;
  • Power supply; 
  • Emergency shut-off buttons;
  • Skirting duct;
  • Cable management systems;
  • X-Ray Viewing Screens;
  • Medical Services Panels;
  • Slave clock system;
  • Earthing systems;
  • Building distributor and floor distributors;
  • Master antenna television aerial system;
  • AV System;
  • Hearing augmentation system;
  • Security systems;
  • Mobile distributed antenna system;
  • Closed circuit television system;
  • Electromagnetic interference minimisation;
  • Surge suppression devices;
  • Patch leads, fly leads and jumpering;
  • Cabling and cable support systems;
  • Racks/equipment cabinets and
  • Labelling and identification of all labels, cores and equipment.