Mardi Dam is an off-river storage dam located near the Wyong River. The redevelopment of this site allowed for a more effective water transfer from Mardi Dam to Mardi water treatment plant and increased the transfer capacity from 100 million litres a day to 160 million litres a day.

Client  Baulderstone
Contract Value  $5 Million
Services  Design & Construct
Branch Newcastle Region
Electrical Installation

Star Group delivered the electrical and communication components of the upgrade, which consists of the construction of one 22m high intake tower and 2 pumping stations to transfer water from the dam to the water treatment plant, and another from the treatment works into the distribution network (HLPS). 

Star Group’s services provided on the project included:

  • 11kV/415V Transformer substation
  • 1kV cabling
  • 415V Main Switchboard and variable speed drives
  • Pump station Control Cubicle
  • Diesel generator connection box
  • Light and general power
  • UPS unit for all control, telemetry and instrumentation equipment 'clean' power supply
  • UPS unit and 'clean' power distribution board for motorised valves
  • Connections to instrumentation
  • Junction boxes, hand stations and emergency stop pushbuttons
  • 3 phase plus neutral underground 415 V Consumer Mains
  • Combined HV and LV earthing system
  • Lighting and surge protection system
  • Electrical conduits 
  • Cable ladders, ladder trays, brackets and fittings
  • Trenching
  • Internal and external light fittings and power outlets
  • Security System and smoke detection
  • Power, motor, control, instrumentation, lighting and data cabling
  • Industrial split type air conditioning unit
  • PLC programming
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Ring Main Units (RMU)
  • 11kV underground cabling
  • Tariff metering
  • 100 SMP 415/240V submain
  • 11kV indoor, withdrawable-type Main Switchboard
  • 11kV indoor, withdrawable-type, Switchboard
  • Wire all control and monitoring signals
  • 11kV cable from main switchboards to MHLPS switchboard; and
  • Power Supply.