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 Our robust team of accredited designers not only have experience from a technical perspective, they also understand the practical application of their designs as they also have experience in construction and understand what works and what doesn’t in a real-life situation. 

Star Group’s diverse approach to building the right team of experts has resulted in a team consisting of electrical engineers, project managers, design drafters, electricians and architects. Star Group’s experience in design accumulates to over 200 years of knowledge and know-how.

Star Group‘s accredited team of design engineers work closely with our clients to provide expert electrical design, proposing technically comprehensive and innovative solutions which have practical application.

We are Level 3 accredited and play an integral role in any installation, modification or construction project taken on by Star Group, drawing on years of experience to ensure system design is functional for purpose and the highest standard.

Our design input through the early works, construction and integration of systems delivers efficient, thorough and user-friendly models, ensures the build is future proof and works go ahead with the confidence of the client. 



Our team of engineers deliver conceptual designs and layouts for projects involving:

  • General lighting, Emergency lighting & Specialist lighting

  • High voltage and Low voltage reticulation

  • Automation systems

  • Communication DAS systems

  • Audio Visual setups

  • Monitoring & Metering 


Our comprehensive design services include:

• Lighting and lighting control
• Medium and low voltage reticulation
• Level 3 design
• Green Star and NABERS accredited
• CAD design
• Drafting

The design of a project includes capabilities such as:

  • Efficient Design
    Designing, utilising future proofing products, systems, layouts, where possible and incorporating flexibility into the proposed design

  • Innovative Design
    Considering innovation in design, buildability issues, efficient construction methods, accurate detailing of space allocation for equipment and ongoing maintenance and energy management issues

  • Quality Assurance
    Sourcing competitive equipment, examining warranty issues, safety in design, staging, energy and environmental issues

  • Existing services assessment
    Identifying with existing in-ground services, if any.

  • External Liaising
    Liaising with relevant authorities whilst proofing the design, to assist with receiving fast approvals.

  • Green Star innovation
    Employ innovative and sustainable Green-star options where applicable/feasible.

  • Planning with foresight
    Installing permanent infrastructure upfront to minimise temporary services provisions.

  • Enforcing standards
    Ensuring compliance with all relevant standards, codes and regulatory bodies.

expertise  EXPERTISE

Level 3 ASP Accredited

The Star Group design team are a fully accredited ASP Level 3 provider, proficient in the delivery of High Voltage and Low voltage distribution design in conjunction with private clients and the supply authorities including Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy. We work closely with our construction and high voltage branches to provide connection design, connection construction and private installation, often accommodating time sensitive programs to deliver approved designs on projects across Australia. 

BIM/REVIT and CAD design

Our team is proficient in the use of BIM / Revit technology to assess the practicality of design in simulation and visualize the practical engineering elements in conjunction with the construction plans of a project before and during the build. Our design team utilize industry standard software to test the viability of conceptual designs in 3-dimensional models, enhancing our capacity to create designs that are more cost effective, efficient and easy to communicate to the site team.