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Star Group's people have had years of experience in multiple aspects of the water industry which has provided them with first-hand experience managing the challenges and complexity of the industry. 

A wealth of practical experience
Our knowledge in this industry comes from our practical hands on experience working on projects and designing solutions specifically for this sector. Our team of specialists have lived and breathed this for decades and as such will create solutions that are designed to work on a day-to-day basis. 

Innovative water solutions
Water is a precious commodity and as such, innovative ways to maximise the product are continuously being sourced. Star Groups team have worked on successful projects including desalination plants, water recycling systems, and deep water recovery systems. Our environmental focus on reusing water extends our experience to include projects featuring chemical dosing, UV sterilising and disinfecting systems. 
Ability to deliver
Star Groups reach is such that we are able to deliver client projects and have done so in both metro and regional locations. Our size also affords us the ability to scale up as required to get the work done.
Practical approach
Our estimators, implementers and management have all had on the ground, hands on experience in the areas that they specialise in. This means that they understand the practical application of the solutions they are proposing, giving you the confidence that the end result is cutting edge, future proofed and functional.
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