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Star Group provides signalling and communication systems for our rail networks in metro and regional locations. Our team have the ability to build location cases, signal structures and can install recognised systems such as Microlok and Siemens.

Project management
Planning and rigorous attention to detail in the rail industry is the differentiator between successful and unsuccessful projects. As such, Star Group have implemented a project management system and invested in project management platforms to ensure there is transparency across the project giving you the confidence that things will get done when they are required to achieve your goals. 
Agile approach to delivery
At Star Group we understand that sometimes circumstances change. It’s for this reason that we implemented agile practices as part of our processes. It means that we can meet your deadlines and your requirements with ease.
Change management
Rigorous change management processes at both company and project level enables Star Group to implement on site variations, including design changes seamlessly.
Client first 
Having built our company from the ground up, we understand the complexities of business and the importance of trusting the people you work with to get things done. It is because of this, that as part of our standard process, we have implemented a customer centric planning model. This planning model allows us to take the time to work with you to understand your business, answer your questions and develop an action plan that is going to work the best for your circumstance.

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