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Star Group’s team has been providing services to the mining industry in various capacities for the last 30 years. 


Safety is our priority

With all mining projects Star Group focuses on ensuring that a safety culture and WHS Management Systems form the foundation for all their projects. Star Group is proud of their ISO certification in 4 different categories, endorsing their commitment to safety and putting people first.

Experience that speaks for itself
Star Group understands what makes a project successful is the people that are working on it. As such, they have invested in building a team of experts, each contributing superior knowledge and experience in their area of proficiency which translates into exceptional results for their clients.

Capability in key mining sectors
Star Group specialise in delivering holistic services including conveyancing, material handling, CHPP, power reticulation and hazardous area classification to the coal, metalliferous mining and the oil and gas industries.

In summary, Star Groups Rail, Engineering and Infrastructure division has the ability to:

  • Ability to adapt quickly
  • WHS management processes
  • Quality solutions
  • Flexibility of delivery
  • Experienced people

Never say never 
Star Group is renowned for taking complex, seemingly impossible tasks and turning them into manageable and successful projects. Our ability to achieve this is attributed to the knowledge of our people, the stability of our organisation and the strength of our processes. This can-do attitude is engrained in our business ethos and is the underlying reason why we have been in business for 60 years.

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