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Founded in 1957 by the Andrews family, Star Group is a privately owned electrical and communication contractor with 60 years of experience as a leader in the electrical engineering industry. 


Star Group has remained at the forefront of the evolving industry of electrical engineering for 60 years, through the delivery of distinctly reliable, high quality electrical, lighting and communication infrastructure to thousands of buildings and networks nationwide, including many of Australia’s iconic landmarks.

Our extensive range of capabilities are drawn from our 350 employees, many of which have substantial industry experience and enable Star Group to deliver highly technical and innovative solution across all industries including:

 Governemnet       GOVERNMENT 

  Residential   RESIDENTIAL 

 Health      HEALTH 


 Education      EDUCATION 

     Infrastructure        INFRASTRUCTURE 

  Transport      TRANSPORT

 Water      WATER 

  Defence      SECURITY 

 Tunneling     TUNNELING 


 Rail    RAIL 

Our headquarters are based in Sydney, although we deliver personlised service through our 6 regional office which are located along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Our ability to offer a full range of in house services to our clients  including consultation, design, construction, implementation, upgrades and ongoing service and maintenance, as well as our size allow our teams to approach any project regardless of size and complexity with experience and expertise to complete a superior holistic service, on time and budget. Our highly skilled team of engineers and well regarded industry professionalism ensures that we can effectively understand and fulfil the needs of clients from the early design & development stage to completion and beyond.

Star Group's priority is achieving our clients vision of the project across all aspects of the project, by working closely with our clients from the outset. We build strong relationships with our clients through our continued commitment to delivering every project to the highest standard in quality and safety. Therefore,our clients can trust that a project taken on by Star Group will always be designed to be efficient, functional and future proof time and time again.   


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