Star Group believes they have a duty to their stakeholders to design solutions that are of the highest quality standards possible, producing an end result that is well-rounded and thoughtful. Star Group are dedicated to presenting quality and results in the electrical, data and communication industry.

project manager  PROJECT MANAGEMENT 

Leadership by trusted Project managers, Site Managers, engineers & electricians whose on the job experience provide the desired outcome for our clients, being:

  • A quality product

  • Delivered on time & within budget

  • Maintaining- building relationships with the builders & clients 


value adding  VALUE ADDING

Star Group has the capability to provide ECI (early contractor Involvement) during the tender stage to provide competitive outcomes & savings to budget as required. 

  • Capability to provide design, tendering, for entire projects for Electrical, Data, Communication, AV, High Voltage, Service & Maintenance Projects.

  • The capability to use innovative means to create outcomes for the best end results for all projects

  • Our insight & knowledge creates a more efficient & cost effective outcome for our projects 



Star Group strives to enhance the environment for our people and our communities to meet the needs of their futures. Environmental, social and economic factors of our projects are a major priority for us to ensure that we contribute to the sustainable future operation of the project. 

Star Group is committed to the sustainability of projects we embark on. We work towards being a trusted partner of the community, seeking to positively affect the urban and regional environments that we work in and around. 


 quality  QUALITY 

Our quality system defines the activities & tasks that will be performed to achieve customer quality expectations.

The quality system ensures our projects are delivered with a systematic & pr-planned approach with easy reference to procedures & standards to ensure all aspects of our projects are delivered in accordance with the customer documented expectations with respect to:

  • Safety 

  • Budget 

  • Quality 

  • Environment 

  • Program

Our quality system covers planning, design procurement, installation, commissioning & handover requirements for all projects including but not limited to verification & assurance of the works in accordance with the relevant standards.